Study of baits with boric acid and hydramethylnon efficiency against multiresistant cockroaches

Автор: Yeremina O. Yu., Olifer V.V., Ibragimkhalilova I.V.

Журнал: Пест-Менеджмент. Pest Management @pest-management

Рубрика: Средства и технологии

Статья в выпуске: 4 (100), 2016 года.

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A comparison of the dynamics of damage and death under exposed toxic baits on cockroaches Blattella germanica 12 multiresistant strains from Moscow, Obninsk and Ekaterinburg in comparison with laboratory-sensitive S-NIID strain has been carried out. High sensitivity of resistant insects to baits on the basis of boric acid and liquid hydramethylnon has been shown. It was found repellent effect of dry baits on the basis of boric acid. Indicators of resistance for all strains to liquid baits on the basis of boric acid were similar for males and fluctuated in the range 0.7-1.4 and 0.7-1.6 for females. Cockroach’ sensitivity to baits on the basis of hydramethylnon was the same in all races - resistance rates were - 1.0-1.2 0.7-1.1 for males and - 0,7-1,1 for females.


Blattella germanica, german cockroach, resistance, insecticides

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