Stripping voltammetric monitoring of the content of heavy small metals in medical plant raw material and preparations on its basis

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By stripping voltammetry determine the content of Zn, Pb, Cd, Cu and Hg in samples of medicinal plant raw drug and alcohol tinctures. Found that in all investigated samples of medicinal herbs and alcoholic liquors based on it most of all contains Zn. Cadmium in small quantities contained in samples of Valerian root, herb St. John's wort, grass motherwort and hawthorn fruit. In all samples studied medicinal herbs and alcoholic liquors in small quantities contains Pb, Cu and Hg. The content of Cd, Pb and Hg in all studied samples as a medicinal plant and their alcoholic liquors below the values specified by technical regulations of the customs Union 021/2011 for tea and by General Pharmacopeia article of the Russian Federation for medicinal raw materials.


Heavy metals, stripping voltammetry, control, medicinal herbs, medicinal infusions from plants

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