Intersubjectivity legal culture of young people

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Introduction: from the perspective of a synergetic approach, the article attempts to reflect the conditions for the formation of the legal culture of young people, as a state of legal awareness, legality, perfection of legislation and legal practice, expressing the status of law as a certain social value realized in the process of modern education in a pedagogical university, which allows us to implement a system of legal attitudes that reflect the attitude of Russian citizens to the current law, to legal practice, to human rights, freedoms and duties. Materials and methods: the use of the method of humanitarian expertise determines the direction of human activity in modern society, clearly identifies the main discourses of the assignment of the subject of education to the norms of legal culture; legal ideology; types of legal consciousness according to the degree of their generality and content. Results of the study: as a result of the rapid examination, which includes the generalization and systematization of reflexive knowledge about the state of legal culture of Russian students, their ideas about the rule of law and legality, lawful and illegal behavior, updated law enforcement acts, conclusions are drawn about the unfolding of certain aspects of public and individual consciousness, the object of which is legislation as a whole, from the standpoint of intentionality, performativity, media; on the identification of risks in the organization of training of modern pedagogical personnel-the main translators of law, freedom and duties of the individual; on the actualization of the norms of legal psychology that express the attitude of various social groups to the law, to the system of legal institutions operating in society; on the formation of a different legal ideology from the existing legal phenomena of public life; on the generation of samples of purposeful activities of state bodies and the public to form a legal culture among citizens.


Intersubjectivity, legal awareness, legal relations, cultural security, interventions, legal culture, legality, youth education

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IDR: 149136758   |   DOI: 10.17748/2075-9908-2021-13-2-223-235

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