International tourism development in Western and Eastern Siberia in the 1960-1970s

Автор: Kolupanova Irina A.

Журнал: Современные проблемы сервиса и туризма @spst

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Relevance of the study is related to the ever-increasing interregional tourism trips that, on the one hand, positive affect the economy of the host region and develop its outbound tourism, and, on the other hand, retard the economic development of the directing region. The importance of research lies in the strengthen- ing trend of growth in tourism industry, because by 2020 tourist arrivals are projected to rise by 200% in comparison with 2000. In this regard, the research of international tourism development in the Soviet times (from 1960 to 1970) is of great theoretical and practical importance. The picture of international tourism development in the Soviet times, presented by the author, will help the regional authorities to predict some directions in its development in future and to solve some industry problems. In the 1960-s international tourism in the USSR has developed in two directions: inner-union and foreign tourism. The main role in the establishment and development of international tourism in the regions of Western and Eastern Siberia played the regional branches of the International business joint-stock company «Intourist» (JSC «Intourist»). The JSC «Intourist» activities were aimed at improving the level of service for foreign tourists, development a sense of responsibility in the team for the task assigned, improvement styles and methods of awareness- building and outreach efforts among foreign tourists etc. The extension of international relations of working people in the USSR was realized not only by receiving foreign delegations at home, but also by organization of international tourism for Soviet working people, employees and students. The Central Council for Tourism and Excursions under the All-Union Central Trade Union Council took an active part in international tourist exchanges carrying out these exchanges in close contact with the Chief Department for Foreign Tourism. About 90% of all tourist trips abroad among Soviet working people were carried out by the regional councils of trade unions. The inner-union tourism has grown with the help of international exchange among young people in the planned economy countries. This exchange was realized within the All-Union Central Trade Union Council activities through the agency of the Bureau of International Youth Tourism «Sputnik».


History of tourism, international tourism, west siberia, east siberia, ussr, intourist, Russia, youth tourism, tourism development

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IDR: 140206524   |   DOI: 10.22412/1995-0411-2017-11-1-105-108

Список литературы International tourism development in Western and Eastern Siberia in the 1960-1970s

  • Колупанова И.А. Развитие международного туризма в Западной и Восточной Сибири в 1960-1970-е годы//Современные проблемы сервиса и туризма. 2017. Т.11. № 1. С. 105-108 DOI: 10.22412/1995-0411-2017-11-1-105-108
  • Kolupanova, I.А. (2017). International tourism development in Western and Eastern Siberia in the 1960-1970s. Sovremennye problemy servisa i turizma , 11(1), 105-108 DOI: 10.22412/1995-0411-2017-11-1-105-108
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