Tools of support of decision-making in the sphere of management of power economic development of the region: new approaches

Автор: Bogachkova Lyudmila Yuryevna, Zaytseva Elena Evgenyevna, Usacheva Nadezhda Yuryevna, Khurshudyan Shamam Garnikovna

Журнал: Региональная экономика. Юг России @re-volsu

Рубрика: Стратегическое планирование в регионах и городах России: диалог в поисках согласованности

Статья в выпуске: 1 (15), 2017 года.

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The article deals with the problem of developing tools for supporting decision-making in the sphere of the region's energy and economic development. The authors substantiate its scientific relevance and national economic importance; analyze the latest Russian and foreign research on this issue. It is argued that the analysis and synthesis of economic-mathematical, economic-statistical, as well as instrumental means of decision-making in the sphere of territorial energy-efficiency management will contribute to improvement of existing system of knowledge on trends and mechanisms of Russian regions' energy-economic development. The authors prove the long-term benefits of working out techniques for dealing with the following tasks: analysis of dynamic properties of Russian regions grouped by the type of their energy-economic development; decomposition analysis of the factors of economic growth, structural shifts in economics, and the technology factor; formation of a modified database of indicators' temporal ranges, private and integral indices of energy consumption at the municipal level, distinguished by an expanded number of indicators and a higher level of primary data security; estimation and analysis of energy capacity of gross municipal product as an aggregative index of the territory's energy efficiency; grouping municipalities by the type of their energy-economic development; decomposition analysis of influence of different factors on the dynamics of energy consumption at the municipal level taking into account the types of energy-economic development of territories on the example of the Volgograd region...


Decision-making tools, policy of energy efficiency, types of territorial development, factor analysis of energy consumption, energy efficiency of municipalities

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IDR: 149131163   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.20

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