Institution of preparing convicts for release in the progressive system of serving the sentence of imprisonment

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Introduction. Organizing the correctional process for those sentenced to imprisonment, preventing them from committing repeated crimes after their release, and providing them with assistance in social adaptation are priority areas of the modern criminal executive policy of the Russian Federation. The above-mentioned priority areas are covered by the legal institution for preparing convicts for release. This institution is one of the measures to prevent repeat crimes. In conjunction with the progressive system of serving sentences, the preparation of convicts for release provides the most complete and high-quality achievement of the established goals of the criminal executive legislation of Russia. The aim of the research is to reveal the specifics and problems of realization of the legal institution of preparing convicts for release and its interconnection with the progressive system of serving the sentence of imprisonment. Materials and Methods. The methodological basis for writing the article was the general scientific dialectical method of cognition. Methods of comparative analysis, expert evaluation and statistical analysis were also used. Results and discussions. The process of preparing convicts for release is a conception (strategy) in its internal content. The current progressive system of serving the sentence must include the following elements: creation of adaptation squads, transparent conditions of serving the sentence etc. The elements of the system of changing the conditions for serving the sentence are closely connected with the stages of preparing for release. It is necessary to create a public organ, that is probation service, in the system of convicts’ social adaption in Russia. Conclusions. The paper presents the authors’ comprehension of preparing convicts for release as a conception that implies a set of measures for social adaptation of imprisoned convicts. The authors developed a system of convicts’ social adaptation, which includes a number of elements (stages) associated with the implementation of the correctional process.


Preparation for release, progressive system, social adaptation, convicts' reform, conception

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IDR: 149125092   |   DOI: 10.24411/1999-6241-2020-13014

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