Innovative way to stun poultry in a controlled gaseous environment

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In constant aspiration to decrease in expenses in the course of production of meat of broilers many processes are automated, and quality of many of the Russian overworking enterprises doesn't concede to the international standards any more. However the domestic enterprises sustain still considerable losses on decrease in categorization and deterioration of carcasses of the broilers which are handed over on slaughter. Quality of fowl depends on a number of factors. Process of devocalization has the defining impact on qualitative characteristics of finished goods. A number of factors which prove use of a gas way of devocalization is revealed (higher level of an bloodless allows to improve quality of meat, the gas which is applied in system of devocalization lulls a bird and allows to give a bird to the line of an unconscious hinge plate). Use of a gas way allows to get rid in many respects of problems inherent in an electric method of devocalization of a bird: electric discharges before devocalization, unevenness of categories, restoration of activity of a bird after devocalization, traumatism; unevenness of bloodless, difficult working conditions of operators of a hinge plate (dust, noise and other), need of fixing of a live bird, different quality of devocalization of different weight bird. In article data on studying of influence of devocalization of a bird are provided in the controlled gas environment on indicators of quality of meat of broilers. Comparison of ways of devocalization is carried out: gas and electric. Consistent patterns of change of pH in fowl depending on a way of devocalization are determined. On the basis of the obtained research data it is possible to draw a conclusion on expediency of use of a method of gas devocalization at slaughter and primary processing of broilers that will allow to increase competitiveness of domestic poultry farming significantly.


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