Innovative vectors of international economic relations with the participation of highly intelligent technogenic communication objects

Автор: Gorbunova Maria Lavrovna, Stozharova Tatiana Vladimirovna

Журнал: Региональная экономика и управление: электронный научный журнал @eee-region

Статья в выпуске: 1 (65), 2021 года.

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The analysis of the international competitiveness of the leading manufacturers of industrial robots: Germany, China, the United States, France and Japan, as well as the assessment of the potential of the Russian Federation as a consumer and manufacturer of industrial robots. The directions of determining the properties of subjects in objects with an intellectual component and promising practical application in innovative relations are proposed. The necessity and possibility of innovation in the definition of the terms "legal relationship" and "person" in relation to some innovative objects are justified. The author presents the author's structure of economic legal relations, in which an intellectual link appears on the side of the subjects in intellectual and communication processes involving highly intelligent technogenic communication objects of VTKO (highly intelligent technogenic communication persons of VTKL). The authors define the features of the properties of the subjects; the terms "legal capacity of the intellectual system" and "intellectual curatorship"; the possible legal personality of VTKO as an object that has possible future properties of the subject determined by the legislation; the author's view on communication involving VTKO, VTKL is presented; the author's definition of the term "technogenic intelligence of VTKO, VTKL"is presented.


Innovation vectors, international economic relations, intellectual supervision, highly intelligent technogenic communication object, highly intelligent technogenic communication face, technogenic intelligence

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