Innovative activity of organizations as the basis for the formation of innovative economy in the regions of the Russian Federation

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A necessary prerequisite for the growth of the national economy in modern conditions, namely the development of production and the increase in the competitiveness of domestic goods on the domestic and foreign markets, is the increase in the importance and effectiveness of the use of the scientific and technological potential of the country and the region. It is necessary to understand that the efficiency of functioning, both of the national economic system and of its regions, depends on how efficiently the innovative transformations are carried out. At the same time, it is on how successfully regional systems are transformed from the point of view of innovative processes, and the overall picture of the formation of an innovative economy in the country will be formed. Thus, innovative activity of organizations is an important condition for the development of the region's innovative economy, which can be characterized by a number of indicators. Among them we generalize – resource indicators of innovation activity, process indicators of innovation activity, effective indicators of innovation activity in the region. The analysis and calculation of innovative activity of organizations of the federal districts of the Russian Federation considered in the article makes it possible to differentiate the regions of Russia into different types according to the level of innovative development with the goal of making sound management decisions in the part of forming a regional innovation economy. At present, there are many problems in the formation of an innovative regional economy in the Russian Federation, for example, large financial costs, lack of scientific and technical base and reserve capacities in the regions, undeveloped legislation in the field of innovation, excessive centralization of companies, authoritarian management style, lack of interaction between business entities and Etc. Using the methodology for calculating the innovative development of regions described in the article, it is possible to determine the ways of solving the above problems.


Innovations, innovative development of the region, innovative potential, resource indicators of innovation activity

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IDR: 140229871   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2017-3-286-293

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