Informational and analytical support of the strategy of the non oil development of the multistructural economy of a region

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In the article the technology of creation of the informational and technological system focused on the support of the realization of the strategy of non-oil development of the region with a multistructural economy is offered. The purpose of the work consists in the development of applied tools of support of adoption of administrative decisions concerning the effective use of the potential of a multistructural character in the development of non-oil production in the South of Russia. The methodological base of research is created on the basis of a convergence of systematic, synergetic, institutional and endogenous approaches. In contrast to publications on this issue, the multiformity of the regional economy is analyzed through a prism of the integration and complementarity of potentials of different ways of life of certain territories of the region that finds the reflection in the indicators forming system of the informational and analytical support of strategic decisions...


Non-oil development, region, multistructural economy, informational and technological support, south of Russia, strategic interaction

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