Gamification in technical and tactical training of young orienteers

Автор: Nemytov Dmitrii N., Aleksanov Dmitrii N.

Журнал: Поволжский педагогический поиск @journal-ppp-ulspu

Рубрика: Педагогика физической культуры и спорта

Статья в выпуске: 3 (21), 2017 года.

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The article is devoted to the peculiarities of technical and tactical preparation of orienteering. The article pays attention to the insufficient attention of specialists to purposeful «synthetic» ways of developing cognitive processes simultaneously with physical endurance. It is shown that the game method is effective in working with children, which allows to regulate the training load and promotes the development of the qualities, skills and abilities that are necessary in sports orienteering. The results of the study (a survey of 15 leading trainers in Ulyanovsk) are presented. It is concluded that the gamification can have a developing influence on the technical and tactical readidness of athletes throughout the conjugate development of the most important cognitive processes for sports orientation: attention, memory, thinking, perception, imagination, and physical qualities: agility, strength, endurance contribute to improving the effectiveness of sports training and the quality of performances at competitions.


Training sports reserves, young athletes, orienteers, technical and tactical training of young orienteers, gamification

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