Body image attitudes and personality traits of women attending fitness classes

Автор: Felsendorff O.V., Egorov A. Yu., Afanasyev S.V.

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The purpose of the present study was to examine the relationship among frequency of attending fitness classes and body image, exercise addiction, personality traits and eating disorders in physically active women. 100 female fitness class participants recruited from fitness centers (experimental group) and 53 females who do not participate in fitness classes (control group) were investigated. Body image, eating disorders, exercise addiction and personality traits were assessed using questionnaire measures. It was found that females who exercise regularly have a higher level of exercise addiction and eating disorders than the females who exercise less or do not exercise. Females committed to fitness have shown higher body dissatisfaction and more neurotic personality characteristics than women who do not exercise as frequently.


Fitness, exercise addiction, eating disorders, body image, personality traits

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