Characteristics of approaches to the assessment of physical qualities among young adolescents

Автор: Erkudov V., Sigunova D., Kuznetsova U., Pugovkin A., Batychko A.

Журнал: Физическая культура, спорт - наука и практика @fizicheskaya-kultura-sport

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The development of physical education and mass sport is required as a condition for the improvement of current health-protecting technologies in modern society. Creation, approbation, physiological reasoning and unification of screening techniques for the detection of motor skills remains an actual problem in sports physiology. The study suggests a range of tests and exercises for the assessment of muscular force, endurance and flexibility which have been used to examine 31 male and 17-21 year-old female students from the St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University. The number, type, technique, sequence of exercises and the duration of pauses between them have been formed taking into account the classical concept of the evaluation of physical qualities. Heart rate has been measured both before and after the execution of the whole complex of exercises and after each exercise. Физиология №2 l 2018 95 Statistical processing of the results has been conducted with the use of the T-test and the Wilcoxon Sign Rank test, correlation and regression analysis. The results: the testing of power qualities and static endurance has revealed their comparatively better development among young men than girls. The development of mobility of joints among the examined subjects had the opposite direction. The evaluation of coordination has shown no gender differences. All the subjects had a statistically significant increase of the heart rate both after the execution of the whole complex of exercises and after each exercise. The correlation relations of indicators, assessing power qualities as well as the relationship between strength and mobility of joints have been established. The regression analysis of the heart rate dependence and the time after the last test in the whole complex of exercises has shown the possibility of describing this reaction by a linear model. The conclusions: the obtained results present the dependence of development of some motor skills from others and characterize the complexity of the proposed methodology. After approbation in large groups of testees, it is proposed to recommend it as a method for screening assessment of the level of physical development among students.


Students, assessment of physical qualities, strength, endurance, mobility of joints, coordination, heart rate

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