Characteristics and types of immune system response in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated by diabetic foot syndrome

Автор: Kulikova A. B., Kochetova L. V.

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Introduction. The purpose of the study. To evaluate the state of the immune system in patients with complicated forms of SDS on the basis of a hemogram.Materials and methods: A retrospective analysis of the results of the case histories of 332 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus complicated by SDS. According to the detailed blood test, the types of immune system reactions were determined using the computer program "CANCERS". Statistical processing of the results was carried out by the method of variation statistics.Results. It was found that the areactivity of the immune system is determined only in patients with long-term diabetes mellitus. A statistically significant correlation between the types of immune system response and their characteristics and the gender of the patients was found. In patients with the neuropathic form of SDS, the inertia of immune activation, combined with insufficient activation of lymphopoiesis, was revealed. A statistically significant increase in patients with this type of immunity was in the group of patients with neuroishemic form of SDS.Conclusion. The proposed method for determining the state of the immune system based on a clinical blood test in this group of patients is available for surgical and therapeutic hospitals of a wide profile. The computer program "CANCERS" is easy to understand and can be used to predict the course of the disease and a personalized approach to planning methods for both conservative and surgical treatment of patients with type II diabetes.


Types of immune system reaction, characteristics of the type of immune system reaction, diabetes mellitus, diabetic foot syndrome

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IDR: 142229630   |   DOI: 10.17238/issn2072-3180.2021.2.72-76

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