Government support for the development of creative thinking in regional economy

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This studyreveals essential characteristics of the development of the regional creative sphere in the system of strategic planning. The accelerated rates of the innovative development of science and technology require reduction in the cycles of innovation introduction into the real economy sector and the formation of new approaches to the implementation of the government regional innovation policy. The authors revealed that the urgency of the issue of scientific and technological strategic planning consists in the processes of regional economic development and the identification of the levels of interconnection between programs of social and economic development, the formation of program budget, digital, investment and innovation infrastructure. The purpose of this study was to determine the essence and conditions for the formation and development of the regional creative sphere in the real economy sector. Papers of both domestic and foreign economists formed the methodological basis of research in the field of the development of creative economy. The authors argued that the development of creative regional economy influences the formation of the seventh technological order and is a way to increase the competitiveness both in domestic and global markets. Strategic planning will create tools and mechanisms for attracting long-term investments in the implementation of projects in the regional creative sphere. According to the authors of the article, the development of the creative sphere in the real sector of economy is inextricablylinked with the intellectual potential, where the implementation of social and economic development programs is determined by innovation. A special place is occupied bycreativity i.e. the ability to generate completely new ideas and their effective implementation, which is a necessary condition for the innovation development. The main conclusions of the authors prove that the regional creative sphere is a key component of strategic planning for the development of society and innovation processes. Creative thinking inherent in the creativityof the human capital is a significant factor of the technological level development.


Creative economy, creative capital, strategic planning, regional development, innovation processes, investments, system, creativity, indicators

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IDR: 149138051   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2021.1.8

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