Glamping as the segment of the tourist market

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The article analyzes the basic trends of domestic and the world market of glamping. The analysis of the scientific literature on a problem shows the presence of two approaches. The first approach is in understanding glamping from the point of view of features of a hotel infrastructure, and the second one characterizes glamping as a part of nature-oriented tourism or ecotourism. Consideration the essence of glamping in detail gives us clear understanding that it not fully corresponds to rigid enough principles of ecotourism. Based on the analysis of the foreign scientific literature the author draws a conclusion, that glamping-tourism is a new part of the modern tourism market. The review of the glamping market is presented on a material of the analytical report of 2018. The basic tendency of the market of glamping-services is it more than triple growth by 2025 since 2015. The prevailing development trend will be a steady growth in the segment of consumers aged 18 to 32 years, and separate cottage houses (cabins) and gondolas (pods) will be the most preferred among the types of accommodation. Europe is a leader of the global glamping market, and it will keep these positions until 2025. The Russian glamping-market is in initial stage. Attractiveness of this market to domestic hotel business increases due to unstable epidemiological situation in the country.


Glamping, camping, the market of glamping-tourism, segments of the market, ecotourism, nature-based tourism

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IDR: 140249833   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2020-10202

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