Gymnastics as a means of physical education students in high school

Автор: Kryuchkov Aleksandr Grigorievich, Nikulin Viktor Tihonovich

Журнал: Наука-2020 @nauka-2020

Рубрика: Спорт для всех, активный туризм: теория и практика

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Among a huge number of means of physical development and education of the younger generation, gymnastics takes a leading place. In any sport, you can not achieve good results without a preliminary warm-up, based on gymnastic exercises. In high schools (except profile) there is no gymnastics as an object, but even applying gymnastics in the form of drill and general development exercises in the classes of applied physical training one can solve the task of forming a beautiful figure and significantly improving the flexibility and coordination of movements.

Gymnastics, exercises, posture, flexibility, coordination

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