Genesis of theoretical concepts of innovative potential research

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The article is devoted to the study of an important scientific and practical problem, which consists in revealing the essence of innovative potential, which is currently one of the significant elements of the management of innovative activity of an economic entity. The choice of one or another strategy of innovative development depends on its size. It is the innovative potential that makes it possible to identify opportunities for the growth of the enterprise and gives the right to manage its further long-term development. As a result of a deep theoretical analysis conducted on the basis of various scientific approaches of Russian and foreign scientists to the definition of the essence of the economic category "innovation potential", its main components were considered. The analysis of the research materials made it possible to emphasize that the problems of socio-economic development of the country can be solved on the basis of improving innovation activities in the field of basic knowledge-intensive sectors of the national economy, which are the engines of the development of the country's economy. Further development of the economic, social and other systems of society is possible only thanks to the achievements of scientific and technological progress, which is reflected in innovations. The development of the region's economy and its stability can be ensured only through the development of innovative processes that meet international standards and trends. Innovation potential plays a decisive role in this area. Indeed, only with the definition of the level of the region's innovative potential can the vector of its entire further development be determined. The conclusion is made about the need for a correct assessment of the innovation potential, since this is one of the fundamental stages of the economic analysis of innovation activity, without which further ways of innovative development of the enterprise cannot be determined.


Innovation, innovative activity, innovative potential, innovative progress, economic analysis

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IDR: 140259892   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-3-276-280

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