The genesis of approaches to understanding the content of the credit recovery arrangement of banking loans

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The relevance of this scientific paper is conditioned by existence in Russia of sharp problem of credit relations development, related to the high stake debt on the loans given out by banks. Along with undoubted meaningfulness of searches for solution of the indicated problem in practice, the subjects of providing of collectability of credits suppose the necessity of deep research in the theory of this question. To that end, we summarize and compare the approaches of different Russian scientists, engaging in the modern range of problems of credits collectability. As a result, we prove that all authors tie up such bases with the opening of concepts ‘Mechanism of providing credits collectability’, ‘form of provision’, ‘methods of provision’, ‘methods of extinguishing’ and ‘sources of credit extinguishing’. That substantial differences take place both in relation to understanding of value of these terms and their rich description. With the purpose of systematization and disarticulation of approaches of different scientists, we present a table expounding key positions in each of the viewpoints. Summing up the analysis of the evolution of contradictory views of Russian scientists on the conceptual mechanism of security mechanisms of bank loans repayment, we have attempted to highlight those issues on which a certain unity of opinions has been reached and which can serve as a starting point for further in-depth study of the scientific foundations for the effective use of guarantee-pledge mechanisms in bank lending.


Loan, credit recovery, credit recovery mechanism, forms of provision, sources of bank repayment, techniques of paying loans, ways of paying loans, past-due indebtedness

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IDR: 14971295   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu3.2018.2.9

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