Gelototherapy / laugh therapy as a new medical technique

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This work is a part of a huge scientific research, devoted to the effects of gelototherapy in curing somatic and borderline mental disorders. The introduction states the relevance of the work and presents the authors patent together with the Federal License to use the gelototherapy/laugh therapy methods in the Russian Federation. It also presents the information about the scientists who contributed to establishing gelototherapy/laugh therapy as a separate discipline in Russia. The results section of the research presents the data on the effectiveness of gelototherapy conducted in the neurotic disorders and borderline states unit of Chelyabinsk District Psycho-Neurological Clinic № 1. The patients who underwent treatment were the victims of nuclear accidents at the South Urals, veterans of local wars suffering from post-traumatic disorders and the secondary school students of School №123, Chelyabinsk. It presents the indications and the contra indications for gelototherapy/laugh therapy. The discussion section provides the scientific validation of gelotothera-py/laugh therapy necessity and describes the views the leading Russian psychophysiologists have on the nature of laughter. The final part of the work presents the corresponding conclusions, which are followed by the bibliography list.


Laugh therapy/gelototherapy, indications and contra indication, scientific validation of gelototherapy/laugh therapy

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