Garrison of the Albazin fortress in 1687-1689

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The article examines the organization of the garrison in the Albazin fortress in 16871689. The possibility of protecting the fortress was was an important circumstance that had an impact on the establishment of the first official border between Russia and China. Ambassador F.A. Golovin, representing the higher military leadership, sought to increase the garrison of the fortress at the expense of the forces located in Nerchinsk, without weakening the «ambassador’s regiment» that arrived in Dauria from Moscow and Siberia. However, the voivode I.E. Vlasov had sent minimal forces from Nerchinsk to Albazin. The destruction of grain crops in the Albazin district by the Manchus in 1688 and 1689 made the potential increase in the number of fortress defenders impossible. Thus, the Russian military troops located in Dauria were not ready to wage war for Amur region with Qing Empire. The article also examines the events that influenced the life of the Albazin garrison and lists the names of a significant part of the people who defended the fortress in 1687-1689.


Albazin fortress, dauria, priamurye, cossacks, garrison

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IDR: 170175798   |   DOI: 10.24866/1997-2857/2020-3/93-105

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