Further developments and advantages utilizing slotted anodes

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Slotted anodes have been used by smelters that require large size anodes. Being inter-anode separations, slots can be considered acting as expansion gaps to safely absorb the heat-induced expansions. The slots are helping to reduce the thermal stresses in the anodes and thus reducing the risk of cracking. Approach to slots cut in the bottom surface of the anodes has nowadays changed and become extremely important, since they represent effective ways to escape gas continuously formed during Aluminium reduction process, thus reducing the accumulation of gas bubbles underneath the anodes. For this reason the use of slots in the anodes allows to reduce electrical cell resistance as well as to improve cell stability. Slots in the anodes therefore result in reduced electrical power consumption for the Aluminium production. The depth of the slots is important to ensure that these benefits last throughout the entire life of the anodes (“ full-life slots”), while slot shape, which determines the gas escape direction and related areas of influence, is also important to achieve further benefits in pot management. Cutting slots with reduced width reduces the amount of carbon removed from anodes when slots are cut. Narrow slots are improving specific Aluminum production per anode as well as prolonging anodes cycle time.


Slots, anode, aluminium reduction, slotting machine

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