Operation and development of entrepreneurship in the digital economy

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The subject of the study is the development of business structures in the digital economy, taking into account the development trends of modern entrepreneurship in the AIC industry of the economy. The research focused on entrepreneurship in the new economic realities and globalization of markets for goods and services. The aim of the study is to determine the patterns of development of entrepreneurship in the agrarian and industrial complex of the economy in modern conditions of digitization of the economy. The hypothesis of scientific research is the assumption about the impact of the process of digitalization of the national economy during the globalization of markets on the formation of new prerequisites for encouraging entrepreneurship in the context of the economic crisis in certain sectors. The study is based on the scientific methods such as theoretical generalization and comparison, historical method, as well as analysis and synthesis. The result of the work is to determine the factors that have a positive and negative impact on the development of entrepreneurship using the principle of cooperation in the conditions of the development of the digital economy. The value of scientific work is a confirmed scientific hypothesis about the presence of influence of factors influencing the development and forming risks in the future. The author outlined a range of risks in the overall digitalization of the economy and proposed measures to neutralize them in the management of individual entrepreneurship. The broad categories of technologies and methodologies that may affect marketing in the near future are highlighted. The research results can be applied in the development of a business plan for the development of entrepreneurship based on personal households in the agricultural sector. The presented research results will help scientists, teachers, graduate students and students, specialists and managers of enterprises, entrepreneurs and local authorities in detail to understand the complex processes and mechanisms of management based on the use of digital technologies.


Digital economy, enterprise, economy of household, globalization of market, market, marketing, business

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IDR: 140236997   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2018-10408

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