Formation of parsley yield and the degree of its responsiveness to foliar

Автор: Gadzhimustapaeva E.G., Misrieva B.U.

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Now the actual task of organic plant cultivation is to provide the population with ecologically clean and health-care products in volumes sufficient for everyone. Recently, growth and development plant regulators are used more often to guarantee the high yield as well as a quality and marketable view of final products in zonal system of protection of leafy vegetables. The range of their efficiency can significantly vary depending on zone of cultivation. The research study on collection of leafy parsley accessions of different origin distinguished by resistance to freeze was given in the article. The morphobiological characteristics of studied accessions are given, where highly productive and yielding accession ‘k.vr494’ was selected out. The influence of chelated microelements, growth regulators and fertilizers on foliage and seed productivity has been shown in south Dagestan. The comparative trial test showed the high efficiency of liquid concentrate of organic boron, organoboron and silicon-containing micronutrient ‘Siliplant’. The total foliage productivity after three cutting was 28.8 kg. with application of concentrate of organoboron and 16.53 kg. in control. 24.74 kg. and 14.34 kg. respectively were obtained with application of Siliplant. This result showed that high yield of foliage was produced after first cutting. Out of all experimental variants the best leaf regrowth was noticed with application of Mikrovita. Leaf regrowth at intermediate cutting showed that there was a growth-stimulating action of Mikrovita and Siliplant.


Leafy parsley, productivity, foliage cutting, chelated microelements, siliplant, organoboron

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