Formation of firefighters’ psychological stability to negative professional conditions

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Introduction. Firefighters’ professional activity is related to the influence of dangerous fire factors which have a negative impact on physical and psychological conditions of fire-rescue squads’ personnel participating in rescue work and fire extinguishing. To form emotional and psychological stability of cadets at the educational institutions of the State Fire-and-Rescue Service of the Russian EMERCOM to the impact of fire negative factors it is necessary to develop new methods of practical training under maximum similarity to real fire conditions. Materials and Methods. The paper presents the analysis of the requirements for the position of the chief of fire-rescue guard where graduates of educational institution are assigned to. The advantages and disadvantages of the methods applied in firefighters’ training are revealed. To develop a methodics of practical training the methods of modeling firefighters’ professional activity and didactic principles of associative reflex therapy, motivational theory, modular and problem learning were employed. Results and Discussion. The suggested methods of cadets’ practical training in the field of emergency rescue work and fire extinguishing facilitate the formation of psychological stability and readiness for extreme professional conditions threatening personnel and rescued people life and health. The peculiarity of the developed methodics is the complex character of training which forms practical skills and abilities in the field of emergency rescue work and fire extinguishing, physical and psychological qualities which increase the level of cadets’ professional training and psychological stability to stress. Conclusions. The suggested methodics is implemented in the educational processes of the Ivanovo Fire-and-Rescue Academy of the State Fire Service of the Russian EMERCOM and can be of practical interest for preparing officers whose professional activity is connected with extreme physical and psychological loads.


Complex methodics of practical training, stress influence on firefighters, firefighters' psychological stability and readiness

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IDR: 149125080   |   DOI: 10.24411/1999-6241-2020-13001

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