Foreign experience of hydrocarbon resources development at the arctic continental shelf

Автор: Fadeev Alexey Mikhailovich, Cherepovitsyn Alexey Evgenyevich, Larichkin Fedor Dmitrievich

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Рубрика: Branch-wise and regional economy

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The article examines the experience of hydrocarbon resources of the Arctic zone of the world's leading oil and gas powers in order to identify effective socio-economic approaches to the development of hydrocarbon deposits in the public interest and possible future use in modern Russian conditions. A comparative analysis of natural resources development models by different states and conclusions about their effectiveness are given. The authors discuss aspects of an effective industrial policy in the upstream oil and gas sector in the region, taking into account a wide range of socio-economic problems in various stages of deposits development. The article also addresses the problems of relationships between the state and the oil and gas business, formation of an effective strategy for managing the development of hydrocarbon resources.


Oil and gas industry, industrial policy, the arctic shelf hydrocarbon resources, socio-economic effects

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