Physico-chemical and technological aspects of the development of new class sitalls

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The relevance of research is due to the efficiency of development of minerals in the Arctic, which is largely determined by the transport and production infrastructure. Harsh climatic conditions of the Far North with a predominance of permafrost rocks (PR) significantly affect the economy and ecology of the territory, for which the cost of construction materials and structures are now reaches 70% of the cost of oil and gas. Mastering Yamal, yield on the shelves of the Arctic seas requires the creation of innovative technology breakthrough of oil and gas, including the construction of artificial islands and underwater constructions offshore. Such technologies are possible in the presence of modern building materials and structures that have many times greater strength, durability, durability, acid resistance and other functional parameters of the widest range for industrial, transport and civil construction. Glass-ceramic, as evidenced by the results of the analysis of scientific, technical and patent data are promising materials in the field of innovation in aviation, rocket and space technology, as well as other industries that require metal-substituting, lining and more sophisticated materials of construction with an unusual combination of properties : high mechanical, abrasive resistance, high dielectric properties and chemical resistance. The article presents the results of the creation of petrositalls of the new “Sikams” class (SCS), beginning with the method for calculating and estimating the composition of the charge, based on the principles of structural crystal chemistry, taking into account the revealed scales of isovalent and heterovalent isomorphism under conditions of directed crystallization. The method provides a high crystallization rate, achieving the required degree of structural and chemical homogeneity and best physico-chemical properties of the material, wherein a crystalline phase to form solid solution of pyroxene. The technological process is simplified and energy consumption is reduced. Object of research - the mineralogical and chemical composition of the charge, particularly glass immiscibility source types and nucleation mechanisms chain metasilicates polymorphs, their relationship to glass and kinetics saturation nanostructure.


Sikam, crystallochemical approach, stoichiometric coefficients, rocks of the polar urals, pile-trestle road structure, transport, commercial civil infrastructure, petrositalls, metasilicates, monominerality

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IDR: 140229962   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-1-211-222

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