Risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among the students of Bishkek city of Kyrgyz Republic

Автор: Moldobaeva M.S., Krasnitskaya M.V., Esengeldieva N.M.

Журнал: Juvenis scientia @jscientia

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Статья в выпуске: 5 т.6, 2020 года.

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Relevance. Fighting with risk factors (RFs) of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) at a young age significantly reduces the risks of future CVD and death. The influence of cardiovascular risk factors is significant in students due to the significant tension of all body reserves in the learning process. Purpose of the study. To analyze the prevalence of CVD RFs, as well as their combination among students in Bishkek for targeted prevention of complications. Patients and methods. We examined 295 students of 1-3 courses of Bishkek (Kyrgyz Republic) with the study of anthropometric and behavioral RFs. Results. Among the students, a high prevalence of, first of all, behavioral (low consumption of vegetables and fruits, low physical activity), and then anthropometric (overweight, obesity) CVD RFs and their frequent combination was revealed. 2 or more RFs were revealed comparatively more often among students of Kyrgyz State University (KSU) and Kyrgyz State Technical University (KSTU) than among students of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA). Conclusion. Timely and targeted prevention of CVD in university students of Bishkek should be started already in the first year, first of all, to recommend the use of a sufficient amount of vegetables and fruits and increase physical activity.


Risk factors, cardiovascular diseases, students, irregular consumption of vegetables and fruits, low physical activity, overweight

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