Factors affecting the attraction of high-quality teaching staff at non-public universities in Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam)

Автор: Kieu Lan Huong

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Lecturers play an important role in education because they directly contact students, master the capacity to comprehend and consider the requirements of society for the subject to set out the objectives in teaching. They work under the goals agreed with their schools and students to fulfill their commitments to learners and society [6]. The teaching staff at higher education institutions have grown enormously in both quantity and quality throughout the years. However, there are several specific limitations that make the outcomes fail to meet the specified aims and objectives [4]. In addition, the rapid increase in size at non-public universities in recent years has put great pressure on administrators to ensure the quantity and quality of teaching staff. Job satisfaction is an essential factor in maintaining first-rate lecturers and attracting human resources [5]. Universities in general and private universities, in particular, shall have some policies attracting, maintaining, and developing human resources to enhance training efficiency and the teaching quality in the current competitive environment. In this article, the author focuses on analyzing and explaining the primary contents of the factors affecting the attraction of excellent teaching staff. Besides, the author will give some suggestions to effectively attract high-quality lecturers to non-public universities in Ho Chi Minh City.


University lecturers, high-quality lecturers, non-public universities, attracting lecturers

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