Dynamic modeling of multimode resonance measuring mode in atomic-force microscopy with piezoresistive, self-actuating cantilevers

Автор: Marinushkin Pavel S., Levitskiy Alexey A., Ivanov Tzvetan, Rangelow Ivo W.

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The development of fast, qualitative and quantitative material characterization methods is one of the most important current issues in the field of nanosystems metrology. On this evidence it seems to be important to conduct a research on the capabilities of multimode resonance imaging mode in atomic-force microscopy (AFM) that allows broadening AFM capabilities in quality of nanonscale structures metrology and nano-object image quantitative analysis. The subject of this paper is modeling of physical phenomena that arise during the creation of such systems that describes coherent mechanic and electric phenomena in self-sensing and self-actuating cantilevers operating in multi-frequency resonance mode. The outcome of the research is represented by a virtual dynamic AFM model that allows understanding the signal generation process in AFM control and measuring circuits during sample scanning in multi-frequency mode.


Atomic force microscope (afm), nano- and microelectromechanical systems (nems/ mems), nanometrology, self-actuating and self-sensing cantilever, thermomechanical actuation

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IDR: 146279381   |   DOI: 10.17516/1999-494X-0082

Список литературы Dynamic modeling of multimode resonance measuring mode in atomic-force microscopy with piezoresistive, self-actuating cantilevers

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