Spiritual and moral potential of personality in the social-political sphere of modern Russia

Автор: Kazantseva Dina B., Iventiev Sergey I.

Журнал: Гуманитарий: актуальные проблемы науки и образования @jurnal-gumanitary

Рубрика: Философия

Статья в выпуске: 1 (53), 2021 года.

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Introduction. The article examines the spiritual and moral aspect of the political sphere. Due to the fact that the core of the potential of the Russian (Russian) politician has historically been the spiritual and moral principle of the Russian mentality, which is formed as a result of spiritual and moral development, in the process of education and training, then analytics, strategic management and the creation of a system of diligence gave the maximum effect of effectiveness in development of the country, were created on the basis of the spiritual and moral ideals of managers as the most important axiological guidelines of society. The purpose of the article is to study the influence of the spiritual and moral potential of a politician’s personality on the political sphere of modern Russia. Methodology. The theoretical and methodological basis of scientific research is cultural-historical, activity-based, integrated, transdisciplinary and psychosocial approaches. The intentional-dynamic concept and theories of cognitive dissonance, structuralist-constructivist, structuralist, ethnomethodological are used. Research Results. The research results in a scientific and philosophical substantiation of the fact that the spiritual and moral principle of the personality of a Russian politician is the essential basis of his resource development, a source of strength, motives and internal activity. The spiritual and moral potential of a politician’s personality determines the movement of deep essential vital forces that unfold through the mental program, which is the generic archetypal basis for self-realization, determining the strategy and tactics, the vector of the country’s development. Determined by the civilization of Russia, the mental programs of the behaviour of the politician’s personality create his stable stereotypes of behaviour and values, preserving the Russian (Russian) mentality, spiritual and moral values and Russian culture as a way of being of society at the genetic level. In connection with the identification through spiritual and moral values with Russian identity, the civilizational foundations of other countries are alien to him and his activities are aimed at strengthening the Russian statehood. Discussion and Conclusion. In the modern political sphere of Russia, there are contradictions between the objective laws of the development of the potential of a politician’s personality and his subjective preferences, which create new realities that violate the foundations of the country’s civilizational development; traditional, culture-forming and external, civilizational alien, changing the essential of Russian civilizational foundations, weakening the fulcrum in the mentality of political leaders. The resolution of contradictions is determined by the peculiarities of the cultural, historical, spiritual development of Russia, which contain the mobilization potential of the individual and society; the power of a political personality, which is an active subject of political activity, realizing its spiritual and moral potential, launching the deep essential forces of the generic archetype of spiritual and moral qualities, carrying out the processes of self-organization of the system, sustainable development and stabilization of society. Strengthening Russia as a world power is possible only for a political subject of the corresponding mentality, giving strength and the essential basis of movement and development, due to the fact that it is the mentality of a politician, which is a manifestation of the mental program of society, that creates the possibility of successful actions in the cultural and educational space of his country. Only in this case politics will act as a spiritual and moral ideal and an important axiological guideline for society and every citizen.


Politician, political sphere, government, country, civilization, mentality, personality, spirituality, morality, potential, spiritual and moral potential of an individual, spiritual and moral values, cultural and spiritual code

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