Clergy and monastics by the census book of Yarensk uyezd of 1710

Автор: Matsuk Mikhail Aleksandrovich

Журнал: Вопросы истории и культуры северных стран и территорий @hcpncr

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History of the Russian Orthodox Church in the European North of Russia has a large historiography. Studied almost all aspects of the story. However, the magnitude of the phenomenon (Orthodoxy), and the Church itself has not yet allow us to say that all the problems of the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the area studied exhaustively. The most time-consuming question - the restoration of the personal staff of the clergy (clerics and their families) and monastics. This subject is dedicated to our article, which provides a registry of the clergy and monastics of the Yarensk Uyezd on the census book of 1710.

Russian orthodox church, population census in 1710, clergy, monks, yarensk uezd

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