The dynamics of sociometric status of pupils during their training from 1 to 11 classes

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The described modified method of sociometry for the examination of persons of school age, allowing to obtain the indicators of emotional subjugation and sociometric status. Conducted longitudinal research has revealed the dynamics of the formation of the sociometric status of students in their learning process from 1 to 11 classes. While in grades 1-5 have shown a reliable gender difference of the index of sociometric status: a positive index in girls and negative for boys. Reduced indices of sociometric status are also manifested in individuals with low academic achievements and those students who have completed grade 9 leave school, which show the relationship of sociometric status of students with the success of their learning activities. Studies have shown the effectiveness of the proposed options of sociometric survey of school students during the dynamics of their educational process.


Sociometry, the index of emotional exuberance, the index of sociometric status

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