Dynamics of characteristics of the respiratory system of student youth

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The author investigates the main respiratory volumes of young people, students of Volgograd State University. Fifteen healthy students were under observation. The researcher uses the methods of conventional and forced spirometry. Studies are performed in the sitting position, standing position, lying on the back and after completing the Martine test. The reduction of some parameters of lung ventilation in standing and lying positions is established. This is the characteristic of the vital capacity of lungs and, to a lesser extent, the forced vital capacity of lungs. The Martine test has a significant “training” effect on the respiratory system. At the first minute after the test a significant improvement in tracheobronchial patency, an increase of the strength of the auxiliary expiratory muscles are revealed. Using gravity tests and tests with physical activity is informative when performing spirometric studies in young people.


Students, respiratory system, forced spirometry, respiratory volumes, functional tests, martine test

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