Dynamics of physical training indexes of police cadets during learning process at educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

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During the analysis of scientific, methodical and special literature the shortcomings of the level of professional and applied physical fitness of police officers causing emergence of a situation of risk for a condition of their health and life were revealed. In the course of experimental work features of dynamics of physical fitness indicators of 171 police cadets of 1-3 courses of study of Krasnodar University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and the predictive value of primary test of motive abilities assessment were studied. The characteristic of the content of pedagogical control technique of the general physical fitness of cadets including control exercises for an assessment of a level of development of flexibility, coordination abilities, strength and power endurance is submitted. On the basis of the analysis of testing results the data reflecting features of dynamics of physical fitness indicators of cadets of 1-3 courses at the basic stage of vocational training were stated. Problems of physical training level of cadets were revealed. The main of them is the presence of positive changes on indicators of coordination abilities and general physical fitness only at cadets of the 3rd year of study. The process of physical training at cadets of the 2nd year of study appeared the least effective. It is established that the most informative indicator having a high degree of predictability is the result of cadets showed in control exercise «jumping up with turnaround».


Physical training, cadets, physical qualities, dynamics of physical training indexes, control exercises

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