Dynamics of functional state of children’s body in conditions of shortened shifts of stationary recreation

Автор: Sedova Anna S., Sokolova Svetlana B., Laponova Evgeniya D.

Журнал: Вопросы школьной и университетской медицины и здоровья @school-shealth

Статья в выпуске: 4, 2016 года.

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There is a hygienic assessment of children's recreation in a shortened 17-day shift. The observations were carried out of 34 children aged 11-13 years (15 boys and 19 girls) of one unit during one summer shift of the recreation. Comparative analysis of indicators of health, physical development, the functionality of children’s body, psychological state during their staying in the camp for a shortened 17-day shift established multidirectional dynamics on the estimated parameters. It was found that in a free choice of leisure activities the children choose their preferred way of life. Children engaged in physical culture and sports, preferred active holidays during the school year. The dynamics of the functional state of an organism of children with a high level of physical activity was more favourable than in their peers, preferring passive recreation. It shows that during the rest of children it is advisable ещ increase the motor activity of children, which leads to the positive dynamics of indicators of the functional state of their organism.


Recreation and health improvement, efficiency of improvement, camp

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