Dynamic components of a lawyer's personality orientation

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Introduction. Due to their profession lawyers are representatives of law, defenders of citizens’ and organizations’ rights, men of social and law values. Meanwhile, there is insufficiency of psychological researches which focus on the representatives of advocacy. This actualizes the issue of studying a lawyer as a person and subject of professional activity, his motivational tendencies in particular. The aim of the research is to examine dynamic components in the structure of a lawyers’ personality orientation. Materials and Methods. The study involved 70 respondents (40 lawyers and 30 investigators in Krasnodar). The author used methods of empirical research: comparison and correlation analysis. To explore career orientations and motivational strategies as dynamic components of personality focus the following methods were applied: “Career Anchors” (Shein E.) and “Motivational Constructiveness” (Eliseev O. P.). The data was processed via SРSS 23.0 package. Results and Discussion. The lawyers are characterized by internal-object motivational strategy, constructive activity, striving for joint creative activity and cooperation. Advocacy representatives’ internal-object strategy is positively connected with management and entrepreneurship career values, which is explained by the specifics of advocacy, that is its entrepreneurship chord. In their career lawyers focus on values of serving, autonomy and independence, integrated life styles, challenges. The peculiarity of dynamic components of a lawyer’s personality focus is its orientation to realization of abilities and achieving professional proficiency with the possibility to work free and independently, compete and overcome obstacles. Conclusions. The results of the study are helpful for development and implementation of lawyers’ psychological support programmes at different stages of professionalization, development of lawyers’ psychograms, career consulting of workers from the legal sphere.


Personality orientation, motivation, motivational strategies, career orientations, lawyers, investigator

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IDR: 149125082   |   DOI: 10.24411/1999-6241-2020-13004

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