Differentiated influence of interactive training methods for forming the level of clinical knowledge

Автор: Orziev Zavkiddin Mansurovich, Rakhmatova M.R., Zhalolova V.Z.

Журнал: Дневник казанской медицинской школы @dkmsc

Рубрика: Клиническая и экспериментальная медицина

Статья в выпуске: 4 (18), 2017 года.

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Aim. Comparative evaluation of the didactic possibility of interactive ways of teaching "weak link" and "case study" in the formation of students' knowledge potential in the subject of clinical pharmacology. Materials and methods. In practical exercises on the subject of clinical pharmacology, interactive methods of teaching were purposefully applied - educational clinical games "weak link" and "case study". The groups of students involved in the study were representative of the number of students, stages and types of assessment of knowledge, as well as their individual rating. Control was the rating indicators of students, obtained through traditional methods of assessing knowledge. Results. It is established that the used interactive methods of teaching have different influence on the formation of knowledge levels. The interactive method of learning the "weak link" contributed to the primary improvement of I (acquaintance) and II (copy) levels of knowledge. At the same time, the knowledge obtained with the help of the case study game was much more perfect and corresponded to III (knowledge-skill), and even IV (knowledge-transformation) by its level. Conclusion. In the our of the educational and clinical game - "case study", the potential for analytical thinking was much quickened.


Interactive, methods, teaching, learning game, clinical, pharmacology

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