Diagrid structural systems for tall buildings

Автор: Iakuba Olga Vyacheslavovna, Bardin Aleksey Vladimirovich

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Статья в выпуске: 7 (22), 2014 года.

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This article discusses the use of diagonal mesh support structure on the example of a high-rise building. High-rise buildings are the difficult construction object representing unique constructions which have height over 100 meters.One of the most dangerous factors influencing high-rise buildings is the wind which can to break integrity of protecting designs and to lead to impossibility to operate the building. Also at design of high-rise buildings is necessary to consider seismic stability of a construction and pressure which puts upon soil. As well as any unique construction the high-rise building is very expensive construction object including besides project and construction works as well scientific researches. Therefore, at design always try to reduce the cost of construction by application of the advanced construction technologies.Diagonal and mesh bearing designs - "Diagrid" belong to one of front lines and construction technologies gathering popularity.


Diagonal grid, supporting steel shell, triangulated steel mesh, tall buildings, diagrid structural systems for tall buildings

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