Development of intraorganic transylumination and ultrasound monitoring in rheumatoid arthritis

Автор: Seagal Z.M., Surnina Olga Vladimirovna, Brindin V.V., Seagal S.Z.

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Рубрика: Клиническая и экспериментальная медицина

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Background. Nowadays about 4% of the world's population suffers from joint diseases. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) occurs 0.5-1% of the total population, in Russia it founds in approximately 0.6% of the population. Aim. Of a job is development of a new method of clinical diagnostic and prevention of complications of rheumatoid arthritis. Material and methods. The research is based on analyzing results of healthy people’s survey and survey of patients with joint pathology. In this research participated 850 people. Patients underwent computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radiography, arthrocentesis of joints, ultrasonography and optometry according to the method of Z.M. Seagal. Results and discussion. The leading place among inflammatory diseases of the joints takes rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Because of it, there is a need to develop new methods for diagnosing and preventing joint pathology. Currently, it is not giving enough attention to the method of transillumination optometry, which is coordinated on recording changes in the pulse and non-pulse level of the optical density of the sites of various organs. There were studied the indices of optical density in normal and pathological areas of the joint, pulse characteristics (amplitudes of pulse oscillations - APO) with the help of the device and the method by Z.M.Sigal - transilluminatin ghemato motorodynamic monitoring in pathology, particularly, of the knee joint. There were detected the normal indices of optical density and amplitude of pulse oscillations (APO) of the knee joint in a normal conditions and in case of rheumatoid arthritis. Normal indicators of optical density and APO of the knee joint were established for the first time. In combination with ultrasound diagnosis, these indicators can be basic for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis of the knee joint. Functional diagnostics of diseases with the help of the proposed methods of diagnosis the lower extremities allows to detect specific signs of rheumatoid arthritis in the suprapatellar bag and in the bag of the lateral recess.


Ultrasound, knee joint, rheumatoid arthritis, transillumination optometry, optical density

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IDR: 140225417

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