Determinants of audit quality: evidence from Nigerian listed insurance companies

Автор: Olabisi Jayeola, Kajola Sunday Olugboyega, Abioro Matthew Adekunle, Oworu Oyefemi Olympus

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The studyexamines thefactors that determine audit qualityamonglisted insurance companies in Nigeria. The study adopts Ex-post facto research design, and 15 companies are purposively selected, out of 25 listed insurance companies in Nigeria as of 2018. Panel data is extracted from the annual account and reports of the selected companies over a period of ten years (2009-2018). Pearson correlation analysis, Ordinary Least Square (OLS) and Regression are the statistical tools used for the analysis. The results of the studyreveal a significant relationship between the audit firm size, audit tenure, audit fee, cash flow and audit quality (p 0.05). The studyconcludes that audit fees, audit firm size, audit tenure and cash flowfrom operations are major determinants of audit qualityas each of them has significantlycontributed toaudit qualityoflisted insurance companies in Nigeria. Therefore, the Nigerian listed insurance companies should place a high premium on audit firm size, audit fees, and short term audit tenure when engaging services ofan audit firm.


Quality audit, auditor's tenure, audit fee, auditor's independence, joint audit, cash flow from the operation

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IDR: 149131637   |   DOI: 10.15688/ek.jvolsu.2020.2.17

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