Design optimization of double-chamber mufflers on constrained venting system by ga method

Автор: Long-Jyi Yeh , Ying-Chun Chang , Min-Chie Chiu

Журнал: Техническая акустика @ejta

Статья в выпуске: т.4, 2004 года.

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Whilst the space volume of mufflers in a noise control system is often constrained for maintenance in practical engineering work, the maximization on muffler's performance becomes important and essential. To efficiently depress the venting noise, a high performance of double-chamber muffler is then proposed and investigated in this paper. To assess the optimal solution in the muffler design, the genetic algorithm (GA), a stochastic algorithm, is also applied, accordingly. This paper presents the GA application for the size optimal design of doublechamber muffler under space constraints and dealing with broadband noise. Using technique of four-pole matrix for sound transmission loss (STL) calculation in conjunction with the GA technique, the optimisation was carried out. Before GA operation, a single-chamber muffler is simulated and compared with the experimental data for accuracy check of mathematical model. Thereafter, a simple program of noise control at the pure tone of 500 Hz has been pre-run to verify the correctness of genetic algorithm before the optimal design of broadband noise was performed. Results show that both the accuracy of mathematical model and the correctness of GA method are acceptable. Consequently, the GA optimization on double-chamber muffler proposed in this study may provide a quick and correct approach.


Double-chamber muffler, four-pole matrix method, sound transmission loss, space constraints, ga optimization

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