Design of NAND FLASH File System Based on Loss of Balance Algorithm

Автор: Jinwu Ju, Lecai Cai

Журнал: International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT) @ijwmt

Статья в выпуске: 1 Vol.1, 2011 года.

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NAND FLASH is a commonly large capacity memory, which used in embedded systems .It often used to store the operating system kernel and file system. NAND FLASH memory has a limited number of block erase feature. Built file system in NAND FLASH, loss of balance method should be adopted. A balanced system of block erase operation, can extend the life of NAND FLASH and improve overall system reliability. The paper analyzes the characteristics of NAND FLASH work .presents a loss of balance algorithm which used in NAND FLASH memory , and given out the implementation of the algorithm design method.

NAND FLASH Memory, Embedded System, File System, Loss of Balance

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IDR: 15012721

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