Depression in general medicine network - aspects of the problem at the modern stage (review of materials of the XXIst congress of the European Psychiatric Association)

Автор: Chitlova V.V.

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Despite of that during ordinary annual international congress of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) in Nice (France), aspects of psychosomatics in current year were not the most relevant topic of scientific presentations within symposiums, significant interest of psychiatrists in this field has been clearly reflected in work of thematic poster sessions, thematic discussions and interest clubs. Before covering the results of leading presentations on depression in the field of basic directions of psychosomatics it is relevant to emphasize the following (planned and continuing to develop) trends in this discipline. So, tendency of authors of scientific works to detailed description of psychopathologic manifestations of mental disorders in general medicine should be noted which is promoted by dimensional methodological approach increasingly used by researchers of different countries with development of psychiatric help in somatic link psychosomatic becomes increasingly personified, oriented at each patient that is of huge practical significance.


Depressive disorders, patients of general medicine network

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