Activity of local bodies of military management on liquidation of illiteracy among red army men in 1918-1920 (on materials of the average Volga region)

Автор: Sharov Aleksander Valerievich

Журнал: Симбирский научный Вестник @snv-ulsu

Рубрика: История и историография

Статья в выпуске: 1 (3), 2011 года.

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On the basis of the analysis and judgement of archival sources, memoirs, correspondence of contemporaries, the author process of liquidation of illiteracy in Red army per 1918-1920 is shown, difficulties on a way of the decision of a task in view are opened. It is drawn a conclusion that local bodies of military management of the average Volga region had been did huge work on liquidation of illiteracy and increase of general educational preparation not only Red Army men, but also civilians of region.

Red army, the average volga region, illiteracy liquidation, political education, political knowledge, the cultural and educational commissions

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