Candied pumpkin; technology for its preparation and standard for organization

Автор: Pavlov L.V., Golubkina N.a, Shilo L.M., Baranova E.V., Khimich G.A.

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Standard for organization for candied pumpkin has been developed. Industrial raw material. The following ‘Technical Specifications’ included: definitions, terms, abbreviations, technical requirements, orders of reception, trial methods, transportation and storage, labor protection, fire security and reference list. The product is pumpkin pulp cut to pieces of different shapes and sizes boiled in sugar syrup, dried and coated with granulated sugar. Fruits of pumpkin that need for production are obliged to be in the phase of biologically freshness and maturity, healthy, without soiling. The cultivars for table use with smooth peel, thick and dense, not fibrous pulp with thickness over 3 cm. and deep-yellow or bright-orange color are taken. The finished products are packed according to GOST. The candied pumpkin is well preserved up to six month for retail sale and up to 12 month for further industrial processing. The candied pumpkin is stored in dried and well ventilated room with relative air humidity below 75% and temperature from 0° to 20°C.


Candied pumpkin, degree of maturity, cutting shape, quality specifications, package, labeling, transportation, storage, toxic elements

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