Correcting distortion in acoustic sense lines

Автор: Gregory Don A., Korman Valentin, Wiley John, Vitarius Patrick J.

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Pressure sense lines, as employed in the measurement of rocket engine test firings, can propagate the time-domain pressure signal out of hostile regions, which allows the use of instrumentation with fragile pressure transducers. In such applications, it is necessary to correct the data to account for attenuation and resonance due to the sense line. One technique for doing this involves the application of Fourier transform theory to obtain the transfer function of the sense line. Various techniques for obtaining the transfer function are explored, including the use of Gaussian noise, single frequency sweeps, and impulse signals as input functions. The transfer function thus obtained is then mathematically fit, scaled, and validated against a related rocket engine test.


Acoustical measurements, rocket engine noise, fourier transform, transfer function

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IDR: 14316070

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