Control of composite nonlinear deformation by local curvature of yarns

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Using the refined theory of dry bundles, we analyzed the curvature (length diversity) of yarns in the fabric composite for obtaining the maximum effect of pseudo-ductility (constant yield stresses during the deformation). Because of length diversity, yarns destruction happens consequently, starting with the straight yarns and ending with the most curved ones. The polymer matrix ensures a monolithic structure and high damping of the oscillations due to the intensification of matrix shears during tension/compression of the composite. To simulate an ideal elastoplastic stress-strain diagram of the composite, we formulated the law of changes in fiber lengths, the mechanical properties of which were considered to be the same. To study the technological possibilities of the local curvatures of yarns in fabric preforms, we performed experiments using the indenting method and arrays of conical and flat needles. We showed that conical needles allow us to obtain simultaneous curvature of warp and weft yarns to the same extent. The needle spacing controls the ratio of straight and curved yarns; so, by changing the spacing we can bring this ratio closer to the value required for getting the needed length of the yield plateau. In the case of flat needles with various orientation to the warp yarns, we can obtain anisotropic yarns curvature (of only one yarns family, for example). For experimental deformation of the fabrics with locally curved yarns we used aramid fabrics of plain weave and carbon fabrics of twill weave.


Fabric composite, pseudo-ductility, curvature of yarns, dry bundlestheory, indentation

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IDR: 147232803   |   DOI: 10.14529/mmph190106

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