Computer simulation of decentralized network

Автор: Magzom Мирас Мухтарулы, Nyssanbayeva Сауле Epкебулановна, Kalimoldayev Maksat Nuradilovich

Журнал: Проблемы информатики @problem-info

Рубрика: Прикладные информационные технологии

Статья в выпуске: 3 (36), 2017 года.

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This paperis dedicated to the development of a software system for computer modeling (simulation) of a decentralized network with the ability to perform calculations on distributed nodes.The results of the creation of a such simulation system for decentralized computer networks arc discussed. This system is used during research and implementation of different cryptographic algorithms based on modular arithmetic.

Decentralized networks, network simulation, information security, computer modeling

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IDR: 143165276

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