Communicative and speech competences: its development using literature for children

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The work on the formation of communicative competence of pupils requires from the primary school teacher an active position in relation to the sources that daily influence the process of forming the speech of children. The relevance of the study of the methodological potential of additional literature is due to the increase in the passivity of parents in the development of the speech and communication skills of children. Formation of an active and critical attitude of students to additional literature, the importance of their freedom in choosing texts to read as the goal of the educational process is not fully studied in Pedagogical Sciences.Work with additional (extra-curricular) sources of reading and its introduction as a methodological technology at school is not determined by state educational standards and largely depends on the initiative and personality of a teacher. It is necessary to develop a system of actions on which teachers could rely in their daily work to build the communicative competence of students.


Primary school, communication and speech competences, freedom of choice of texts, additional literature

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IDR: 142220614   |   DOI: 10.33065/2307-1052-2018-4-26-47-54

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